Gymea Women’s Bowling Club

Women's Bowls at Gymea Bowling Club is an exhilarating activity that captivates participants and spectators alike. Gymea Bowls offers a platform for women to showcase their skill and passion for the sport in a competitive yet welcoming environment.

With a rich history and a dedicated community, Gymea Bowling Club is the perfect setting for women to engage in this fantastic pastime. The atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie as players strategize, compete, and celebrate their achievements.

Whether you are a seasoned bowler or a newcomer to the sport, joining the women's bowls at Gymea Bowling Club promises a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more.

Enquiries Bowls Office – (02) 9524 8634 or Club (02) 9524 4688

Secretary: Barbara Sharkey –

GYMEA BOWLS IntroductionEtiquette & Bowls

Ladies Weekly

Mon Greens Closed
Tue 9:30am Social Triple and Pairs – Bowls Uniform
Thurs Social Bowls (if required) Bowls Uniform
Fri 1pm Jackpot Pairs – Mixed – Mufti
Sat 1pm Social – Pairs – Mixed – Bowls Uniform
Sun 9:30am Triple and Pairs – Mixed – Mufti

Ladies Social Bowls – Tuesday 9:30am

Ring your name in by 8:45am on the morning to get a game. Phone (02) 95248634
Play in Bowls Uniform
Green Fee $13 (subject to change) – includes Morning Tea